Retainers Midtown East, New York, NYBraces straighten your teeth and correct bite problems, but retainers help maintain your beautiful results. Rene Horvilleur, DDS, and his expert dental team use custom-made retainers at their office in Midtown East, New York City, to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. For more information on the benefits of retainers, call Rene Horvilleur, DDS, or schedule an appointment online.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a dental appliance that maintains the position of your teeth and jaw. They are typically recommended after orthodontic therapy to prevent your teeth and bite from shifting out of place.

To create a custom-made retainer, Dr. Horvilleur and his team take highly accurate impressions of your mouth. This ensures that your retainer is fabricated to suit your smile perfectly.

Are there different types of retainers?

There are two main types of retainers that the team recommends, depending on your unique case:

Removable retainer

A traditional removable retainer, also called a Hawley retainer, consists of a clear plastic base that forms perfectly to the roof of your mouth and attaches to a metal wire. This metal wire fits over the front of your teeth to keep them straight and in the right position.

Another removable option is a vacuum formed retainer (VFR), a completely clear material that perfectly fits your teeth. Because VFR retainers resemble clear aligners, they are more aesthetically pleasing than Hawley retainers. However, they don’t work well for patients with teeth grinding problems.

Fixed retainer

A permanent retainer is a metal wire fixed to the back of your teeth, where you can’t see it. Since it’s bonded to your teeth, it can’t be removed for cleaning. These types of retainers are best for patients who had rotated or crowded teeth before braces.

Why should I get a retainer?

There are plenty of benefits of wearing a retainer, such as:

Speech problems

If your young child has a speech impediment, a retainer can help adjust their tongue placement so they can speak more clearly.

Oral health

Crooked teeth are hard to clean, as plaque and bacteria can fester in small crevices that are difficult to reach. Retainers keep your teeth straight, so they’re easier to clean.

Breathing difficulties

Some retainers are designed specifically to help you breathe at night if you suffer severe snoring problems.

Diabetes complications

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), poor oral health worsens the blood-related side effects of diabetes, so it’s important to keep your teeth as straight and free of debris as possible.

A custom-fit retainer can help you maintain a straight, healthy, and beautiful smile. Call Rene Horvilleur, DDS, or book an appointment online to schedule a consultation.