There are a number of dental questions you may have about our office, services, care and costs. This section includes some of the most common dental questions we are asked as well as helpful tips.


1. How much is my visit going to cost?
a. Each visit and procedure is different, our staff will provide you with an estimate after being evaluated by the doctor.

2. Is the office accessible to patients with disability?
a. Yes, we are conveniently located in the Graybar Building, in the heart of Grand Central which has elevator access on the 4, 5, 6, 7 and S trains. The building also has accessible elevators and entrance.

3. Can a minor (age 17 and under) go to their own appointments?
a. Yes, but we need a written and signed consent form from parent.

4. Do you treat children?
a. Yes, however we are NOT a pediatric dentist. As long as the child is comfortable with us we will be more than happy to see them.

5. Are you accepting new patients?
a. Yes, we are always happy to see a new smile.

6. Do you accept walk-in?
a. Yes, we do, however we cannot guarantee work will be done the same day.

7. Do you offer same day dentistry?
a. Yes, we highly recommend you contact our office for more information and we cannot guarantee all procedures can be completed on the same day.

8. Do you treat trauma, accidents or sports- related dentistry?
a. Yes, Dr. Horvilleur is a prosthodontist, he specializes in treating trauma, accidents, and sports- related dentistry.

9. What if I have a dental emergency?
a. Please feel free to reach us for any emergency during office hours and reach our emergency line at 1800-967-0922 available 24/7.

10. Can I book an appointment when the office is closed?
a. Yes, you can leave us a voicemail stating you name, the date and time that you would like to come in and a call back number, and our staff will reach you as soon as they return to the office or simply book an appointment on our website.

11. What should I bring to my first appointment?
a. We recommend our new patients to bring a photo ID (preferably driver’s license) and their insurance card (if they have one).

12. What is your cancellation policy?
a. Because we are an appointment based practice, we reserve time especially for the patient. We ask that you give the office a 48-hour notice for any cancellations or rescheduling to avoid a $50 fee for cancelling the day before and $100 the day of. We understand that there may be times, things occur uneventfully, our staff will always waive the first cancellation fee of the calendar year.

Insurance & Payments:

1. What insurance do you accept?
a. We all accept major PPO insurance. For coverage, please contact our office at 212-867-6768 for more information.

2. Do you have financing options?
a. We have Care credit and in-house financing options available.

3. What if I have no insurance?
a. Ask us about our loyalty program, it’s like having dental insurance from the office


1. Do you offer Nitrous Oxide or IV Sedation?
a. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) but not IV sedation. It is okay to be nervous, our team is here to help! Feel free to contact the office or come in for a consultation so we can walk you through and give you a better idea of the treatment.

2. Can I come in for a cleaning if I am pregnant?
a. Yes, but we suggest getting medical clearance from your OBGYN first.

3. Do you do Invisalign?
a. Yes, contact us for a consultation so our staff can give you a better estimate to your treatment length and cost!

4. Does teeth whitening hurt?
a. No, your teeth may be sensitive for up to 48 hours post the procedure.

5. What should I do after whitening?
a. We suggest our patients to stay on an ALL- WHITE diet. Your teeth will still get whiter up to 72 hours after the treatment. The pores of your enamel are open after whitening and are prone to colorings and stains.

6. How long does crowns, bridges, implants and dentures last?
a. Every patient is different, the longevity of crowns, bridges, implants `Insurances cover replacements between every 5-10 years, but every patient is different.

7. What are the post-op instructions for a root canal treatment or extraction?
a. Our post-op instructions are listed below “for patients” in case you forgot!